Monday, November 20, 2006

A diamond thief in India managed to get himself arrested almost entirely because he was too irritating. After stealing more than a million dollars worth of diamonds from a jewelry store, Divesh Borse made the informed decision to go to a bar and pay hundreds of dollars to ensure that his favourite song be played repeatedly. People were eventually so annoyed by him that they alerted police and he was arrested.

Not only did Mr. Borse push the envelope by being impressively anti-social and annoying on one occaision, he actually went back THREE times and insisted his favourite song be played repeatedly. The first time wasn't enough. The second time was still not quite annoying enough and he understanably needed to hear that song again.

The third time...maybe...oh, yes? Yes, this might be the level of annoyance he was looking for - oops, too bad, you're an idiot and you kept the diamonds on you when you were caught by the police.

How did that happen? He was so close to his clear, rational and understandable goal of being super annoying and getting away with it. If only he hadn't stolen those diamonds and been a total God damned moron.

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