Friday, November 03, 2006

As was reported a few weeks ago here and also here (by me) and plenty of other places, Black Peter - the black swan fell in love with a swan shaped paddle boat in Germany. Not entirely sure why a zoologist thought it would be productive to do this but the love affair has continued to the extent that the swan and the boat (!) are now being moved to a zoo together. Let's just go over this again:

A swan is in love with a swan shaped boat.

The swan is now moving IN with the boat.

The boat and the swan now live together in a zoo in Germany.

Oh, wait. It's Germany. Of course, now it all falls into place. Of course an animal and an inanimate object are in a romantic relationship with full critical support from scientists if it's in GERMANY.

Also, try saying swan like 11 times. It looses all meaning very quickly. "Swan" as a word has little stamina.

I kid the Germans. They're great. I'm being unfair. Is that enough of a disclaimer?

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