Monday, November 20, 2006

Patronising black folk in Africa really must be the past time du jour for extravagantly narcissistic bratty child/adults. We've had Pitt and Jolie, Madonna and DiCaprio - now it's Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth.

von Hornsleth was not only successful in getting press for his exhibition which involved a series of photographs of Ugandan villagers holding up identity cards with his name on them (he persuaded them to change their names to his in return for livestock) he also managed to be accused of being Satanic. All I can say is Bravo.

But it's also important to note that he was deemed Satanic by a man it's safe to assume is an ever virtuous beacon of honesty, James Buturo. Buturo is Uganda's ethics and integrity minister.
It's also safe to assume that Uganda employs an ethics and integrity minister in much the same way Bill O'Reilly features a segment called the "No Spin Zone".

It's hard to really take this any further than it's already taken itself.

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