Monday, November 13, 2006

New Zealand is leading the way in the lethargy based dismantling of the English language as they allow students to use SMS text messaging language in examinations. Apparently, students are being examined on their ability to simply explain the gist of what they mean through anny means possible - and that means by spelling out their answers the way they might explain them when texting someone on their cell phones.
Are they doing this because kids CAN'T spell? If they're all genius spellers then great, do whatever but is it really smart to nurture replacing written English because kids can't divorce themselves from texting long enough to remember how to write?
Although, to a certain extent, text language that appears on phones sort of resembles the clenched teeth, condensed, misplaced vowel-esque pronunciation of English in a New Zealand accent anyway so maybe it's not such a cultural leap.

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