Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The dream had to end sometime and for 37 year old Phillip Dale Williams. His particular dream was no different to anyone else. It was simply to dressing like a giant cigarette to travel the country teaching children the horrors of cigarette smoking through hip hop song and it ended this week when it was discovered that he had 4 wives and now faces going to jail for 10 years on charges of bigamy.

It's ironic really, he simply wanted to help the children and he was discovered being a bigamist and arrested when it was ascertained that he wasn't paying child support to his own children.

It really teaches you - take care of your own issues first.

If he had, maybe the rebellious teenagers of tomorrow would be just that bit further away from a crippling lung disease related death. Now, sadly, they aren't any further away from one. In fact, it's safe to say they're probably closer than ever.

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david-belden said...

I am picturing tobacco executives digging deep to find dirt on this guy. What diverts attention to the real issues better than palygamy, or gay marriage? Quick over there, it's a guy having sex with other men, pay no attention to what we're doing over here.