Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It takes hard work, determination, a solidly petulant mindset and a standard childhood involving at least one absent parent to create art that gets you arrested or causes a fuss at all these days.

So when someone manages to actually stir up a legal argument by being offensive they deserve a pat on the back for such focus and determination at the very least.

For this reason, congratulations are in order for the albeit fairly middle class white boy clever art student piece confiscated this week by the Italian Government. It was a toilet that flushed to the sound of the Italian National Anthem. Authorities claim that the anthem should be protected.

Oddly enough, Berlusconi toilet paper remains on sale.

For constipated and patriotic Italians who insist on a low fibre diet, such a nationalistic bathroom experience finally presents that long awaited way of explaining away those tears upon exiting the toilet. Don't let the government take away your choices Italians! Once they're gone, they are never given back.

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