Friday, November 03, 2006

Pedantic high maintenance stressed out small town gym goers have scored a victory at the Planet Fitness Gym in Duchess County, New York when former body builder and corrections officer, Al Argibay, was evicted from his gym for grunting too loudly.

The list of rules said no grunting. He grunted. They threw him out. He broke the rules though so, you know - it's totally fair.

Also, other things prohibited at the Planet Fitness gym include du-rags and bandannas. The policy behind these rules are all about creating an atmosphere that is non threatening. They don't have a policy against black or Latino people - just specific articles of clothing worn almost exlusively BY a certain socio economic class of black or Latino people.

But don't feel judged - just adhere to the rules, shed your identity, stop your body from reacting to the fact that you're lifting heavy weights (it's so COMMON to actually react to things - keep it all INSIDE) and THEN you may feel like you're part of the community.

Can I also just point out that the gym's slogan is literally "the Judgement Free Zone". This has got to be a product of the same advertising company that thought up Fox News' "Fair and Balanced" and Bill O''Reilly's "The No Spin Zone". Insecure about being a biggot? Just call your "Nazi Child Killing Discussion Group" "The Happiness and Acceptance meeting" and everything's FINE.

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