Thursday, November 16, 2006

England's suburban pantomime circuit has long been a dumping ground for amateur actors and a steady stream of washed-up Australian ex-soap stars who may or may not have ballooned in size from eating too much after riding the wave of standard stardom to England where, usually, with each passing day their ego becomes more and more of a liability - pushing them deeper and deeper and deeper into a directionless depression. Consequently, what could be more natural, hilarious and appropriate for children than watching someone's emotional demise on the stage as they perform in a pantomime?
Exactly, nothing.
And it's for that reason that it seems like maybe the producers could have widened the trap door in the stage floor at Goucester's New Olympus Theatre to accommodate for the actor who played the geniƩ's rapidly expanding waistline rather than simply fire him.

It seems like the English really are trying their best at disappointing the kids this winter.

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