Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The inane litigation continues with a story out of Germany where a gynaecologist has been ordered to pay child support to a woman within whom he installed a faulty contraception device. The woman who fell pregnant will now receive around $US 6oo a month until the kid she had to have (because she fell pregnant and only found out after it was too late to have an abortion) turns 18.

The interesting twist to the story is that since the woman filed this petition for child support from the gynaecologist - she's actually had another child. The court didn't take that into account. It also didn't take into account, apparently, that the kid isn't actually the gynaecologist's.

And here I was reading this story headline thinking it was going to be one of those scenarios where the gynaecologist considered all his appointments "dates" and consequently a whole bunch of women were knocked up.

No such luck.

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