Monday, November 20, 2006

The ever vigilant and health conscious Government of China has banned ads for a freckle removing gel called "Magic Freckle Removing Gel" because, in trials conducted way too late ie. by customers after they purchased the product, it was ascertained that the gel is deadly to a range of organisms, not just people. The ads featured celebrity endorsements, bogus experts and the claim that the gel would not only remove freckles from humans, that it would also remove spots from fish.

All details aside, the gel not only killed the fish it was put on, it cause severe skin trauma to the people who used it.

Best quote ever: "Not only can it not remove spots, it also has a certain amount of poison," the paper said.

Aside from the obvious total disregard for human health because of mindless greed evident in this story, kudos must go to whoever the Chinese equivalent of Jennilee Harrison was that signed on to promote this one. Way to pay attention to your career choices!

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