Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bitchy suburban shop owners in Leicester, England have no doubt been flat out trying to find something to do with themselves because they've finally settled on shrieking hysterically about the danger of a Postman Pat ride in a shopping center. In the UK, and probably in the US to some extent as well, children are often delighted by the harmless TV and book adventures of Postman Pat and his black and god damned white Cat.

Greatest quote is:
Local businesswoman Sheryl Granger has vowed to keep Pat outside her shop.
She told the Sun: "You would have to be blind to walk into it - it poses no more danger than a bollard."

The thing that's so great about this is that firstly, it's always hilarious when a symbol of childhood innocence is suddenly besmirched with an irrational fear of risking bodily harm. Quick children, avert your eyes from the Devil. Secondly, it's hard to go past a good clear example of people who clearly have nothing to do so they're squabbling like rats in a cage.

Everything about this story is calming.

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