Monday, November 27, 2006

Celebrity Madness

Michael Richards starts the long road through celebrity penance for his racist rant and for not having a publicist equipped to manage the issue well enough.

Britney goes out pants free with Paris and they flash the paparazzi. As seen in the photo, Brit and Par hang out with Linds. Lindsay Lohan only recently accused Paris of throwing something at her at a party. Macro-political implications aside, should these three really be hanging out together? Is it safe to have that much heavily produced, self involved, pop saccharine in one locale at once? Or possibly even on the planet?

People love Daniel Craig as the new Bond despite the fact that they were a little unimpressed when he won the part last year and arrived at the press conference this article was based on.

Professional religious conservative James Dobson goes on Larry King to talk about the re-programming of shamed crystal smokin', hooker payin' cock suckin' anti-gay Executive Evangelist Ted Haggard. Dobson was asked to help with the brainwashing but claims he doesn't have time to do what's required. He does manage, however, to capitalise on the publicity through his connection with Haggard but makes it clear he barely has any contact or interest in him now. At least he can still be an advocate of ex-gay therapy without being involved in its inevitable failure. Bravo. Way to get out unscathed but still take a dip in the scandal to self promote.

The New York Post reports the earth shattering news that Anderson Cooper talks to a hot guy who wore "a tight T-shirt, cut-off shorts and an earring" in South America. Even though it's shameless and pathetic of the Post, it's still funny that there's no other angle to this report.

Moments after stepping onto the stage in Brisbane, Elton John rushes off stage to vomit.

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