Monday, November 20, 2006

In what appears to be a sexualised version of Cocoon happening in real life, a small town in Brazil has been facilitating sex between elderly townsfolk by handing out free viagra. The program, named Pinto Alegra which apparently translates to "Happy Penis" thus confirming what we always suspected; that pinto beans really are just an hilarious joke the Portugese and Spanish play on non-Spanish speaking white people.

The other great thing about this story is that it also immediately conjures images of elderly men and women having sex in Brazil. After last week's inter-species cat/dog hybrid story - it seems clear that Brazil is the well meaning but inappropriately behaved uncle of the world. The uncle that turns up to Christmas and tells vastly unnecessary and racy anecdotes that would only be funny if they were told by a close friend, nowhere near your parents, at 2am on a Friday while you were stoned or drunk.

Thanks Brazil. Thanks a lot.

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