Friday, November 10, 2006

The Stokes family were driving home from a pleasant Mother's Day Lunch when they pulled up behind a Greyhound Bus and were suddenly showered with gallon upon gallon of raw human feces, urine, wet toilet paper and water. The seemingly endless flow came through the car's sunroof from the back of the bus, no doubt where the toilet was, and that pure liquid fecal sadness showered down upon the couple and their shocked and suddenly very unhappy and possibly sickened children.

In the minutes that followed being essentially dehumanised by that seemingly endless flow of toilet waste that ruined Mother's Day, 2006 for the Stokes Family, the sly minded Mr. Stokes put his emotional reaction on hold and pursued the bus to take down it's details.

And now the Stokes family are suing. They just can't seem to get the smell out.

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