Friday, November 03, 2006

In news that - ahem - no doubt inspired sincere and unexpected shock nationwide - evangelist and anti-gay marriage activist, the very Rev. Ted Haggard (Haggard in name and haggard apparently in soul as well) resigned from his position as the head of the National Association of Evangelicals after he admitted he'd paid young men for sex.

Shock horror - I really just can't even...FATHOM this. It's SO unexpected!

Let's be fair though: There's nothing wrong with paying for sex just as there's nothing wrong with having sex with other guys. There is something wrong with doing both and then wreaking havoc on anyone in the country on a national political level who does both but is open about it.

How many more anti-gay politicians need to be publicly shamed as hypocrites before the pattern is obvious to everyone?

It's not complex: Irrational anti-gay politicians are more than likely gay and their views are a manifestation of their self loathing...Anti-gay laws are centered on irrational personal fear not social fact of any kind.

Everyone now...

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