Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Aurelia Cenusa had entered the lottery and when a parcel arrived unexpectedly in the post she was surprised and excited. Imagine, though, her disappointment when she discovered it was simply the decomposed remains of her father posted to her by the Church who owned the land he was buried on. After selling the land the cemetary was on, the Church graciously returned the remains to the families they came from. In a box. Through the post.

Best quote:

"You could still even see bits of his funeral suit even though he died 16 years ago"
If there's a more laser sharp example of insensitivity from a land developer then it would be fascinating to see it.

"What do we do with the bones from all the graves we're desecrating, boss?"

"Could you get some quotes from Fed Ex about how much it will cost to send them back to the families? Wait, use a local courier...there are a hundred graves here at the most. And don't settle for the first quote - we aren't made of money."


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