Monday, November 27, 2006

Anyone who lived during the Elizabethan era will recall that purchasing the traditional gifts associated with the Twelve Days of Christmas was as easy as breathing in. New research, however, shows that if you're planning to go the whole nine yards this year you'd better be prepared to fork over a hefty load of cash. For example: while 5 gold rings end up cheaper this year due to a "dampening in the demand for luxury items", ladies dancing, lords a leaping and pipers piping are going to cost you a packet at the till. Because technically hiring a collective of leaping aristocrats isn't really considered a luxury. In fact, in some villages in France, it's probably vital.

But, I digress: all up, the 12 Days of Christmas will set you back $US18,920. That's 3% more than last year.

Maybe traditionalists will just have to skip that raw ox heart on Valentine's Day.

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