Monday, November 13, 2006

Celebrity Madness

Elton John says organised religion should be banned.

Fed-Ex's ex, Shar Jackson and Britney's ex Jason Alexander use the divorce to re-attempt cultural relevance.

Tom Cruise arrives in Italy with the rent-a-kid via private jet. Katie Holmes prepares to wed Cruise Corp. in a ceremony with the creepiest marriage vows - maybe ever - in a secret location by keeping her weight in check with Posh Spice. Even someone as brainwashed and professionally passive as young Joey Potter can't do the Post Spice diet.

Despite the fact that his film has been a smash hit so far, the weekend in New York wasn't so great for Sacha Baren Cohen. First he gets hit in the face with a lawsuit from some drunk frat boys, then he just gets hit in the face.

Kevin Federline, broke yet resourceful after being cut off from the source, figures he can raise money by selling the footage shot from the camera inside his car.

Carol Channing is actually a bigot.

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