Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Police in Lismore, New South Wales, Australia were no doubt horrified and shocked to find a naked woman in a paddock alledgedly involved in an "indecent act" with a horse. Probably as shocked as the figure in the story who remains nameless and unmentioned that hid and watched until deciding to make the call to the police so as to wash away the guilt of having been interested in what she was doing for that strange period of twenty minutes during which they were unusually aroused.

And the thing is, there's probably a reasonable explanation. Naked women are always in paddocks with horses doing unusual things. Maybe she was just rehearsing for a play. Or maybe she was a devotee of witchcraft, sorcery and the black arts.
At least, that's the story parents told their kids as they drove by the paddock while she was being booked. The kids probably all bought it too. All except for the eldest; he just went silent and kept to himself for the rest of the day.

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