Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Apart from the fact that there's an bordeline inane string of logic in the editorial by Wang Yong that appeared in the Changhai Daily explaining how the idea of wife swapping is dangerous and not culturally relevant to the Chinese - the article was interesting because it provides a bouncing off point for two other genius stories.

In the editorial Yong says that Chinese people would be taking too many cultural cues from the United States if they took the advice of an sociologist who cited American research and experience as evidence to support extra marital sex. That simply wouldn't make sense to the Chinese.

"But forgive me, even if what Dr Li said about the American experience is true, why should China follow the US model? There are many obese Americans, shall Chinese people also learn to be obese?" writes Yong.

But wait. Oops, they appear to have already "learned to be obese". In fact, the Chinese are now as fat as the newly fat French.

But, the Chinese government isn't just sitting back doing nothing about how much room living organisms are taking up in China. First there was the One Child Policy and now, to tackle the issue of rabies, there's the One Dog Policy.

Strange, they have an obesity problem AND a rabies problem. Getting rid of dogs may just be the genius answer to both problems China was looking for...

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