Thursday, February 22, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Is it possible for the Anna Nicole Smith saga to get any more amazingly random and insane? Apparently, the answer is yes - EVEN after the fake prince married to (a 35 years his senior) Zsa Zsa Gabor announced potential paternity and then slinked off into the night - Virgie Arthur's lawyer, "Texas" O'Quinn collapses in the middle of the courtroom. It is then revealed that he owns a car collection worth over a hundred million dollars that includes the Bat Mobile. The collapse itself is more or less harmless, he's diabetic but you can't help getting caught up in the drama of it all.

Larry Birkhead (who incidentally looks like a cross between Christopher Walken and Nick Carter circa 1995) takes the stand and makes the outrageously unexpected claim that Howard K Stern is a gold digging drug addict enabler.Before she died, Anna Nicole apparently wanted to be friends with Britney.

Britney races out of rehab after checking herself in again. Her mother drives her back, for the third time. K-Fed uses this opportunity to push forward with the child custody hearings.

After making the publicity positive statement that Robert Altman was like a stand in father for her, Lindsay Lohan blows off Altman's funeral so she can go partying with Johnny Knoxville.

Pete Wentz is not screwing Ashlee Simpson because he doesn't want to limit himself to just one "creative" or "trainwreck"- type. She is an interesting choice because she could be either or nothing at all but is anyone interested enough to find out for sure?

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