Thursday, February 01, 2007

While we know for certain that is family were inexplicably unsupportive of his stated goal to be able to bite through several metal nails with his actual teeth:

"I trained myself for a long time and snapped more than 10 kg of nails, although my family is not supportive. I trained myself secretively,"

what we do NOT know for certain is EXACTLY how long he was sneaking out to the shed, late at night, to practise doing so (and he clearly DID train because look at the face exploding tension in that forehead!). These are the things journalists need to ask because how on EARTH is an impressionable ten-year-old potential nail biter going to know what kind of journey he or she has ahead of them if these hard hitting questions are not asked?

However, to be fair, the story ran in the media and now the world may know of the cultural and human triumph that is Cai Dongsheng, 41, from Chongqing City and we are all better for it.

All of us.



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