Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Celebrity Madness

Prince Charles makes an off the cuff remark suggesting that the United Arab Emirates ban McDonalds. McDonalds isn't happy about it. Amazingly.

Virgie Arthur is finally granted a chance to see her grandchild. She is allowed 15 minutes only with the kid. Meanwhile, with all the flights to and from the Bahamas, the lawyers, the lunches out etc. it really begs the question, who is paying for all of this? It can't be Virgie Arthur. all her money was probably spent on the trailer and a crate of moonshine. Well, it's Cindy Adams to the rescue - who explains here that in fact, a British News Agency is paying her legal fees. The entire thing is media funded when you think about it. Entertainment Tonight and the Insider have been paying out dividends for exlusives. Did Anna Nicole really have Lupus? Is Lupus just a shock of electricity to keep the story pumping blood?

Funny how fast things move when you're a celebrity. One minute David Geffen is attacking the Clintons in the media, the next he's Newsweek's celebrity guest at the White House Correspondent's dinner.

Following George W Bush's embarassing and yet, probably highly calculated basketball embarassment (look everyone, I'm uncoordinated just like you are!) CNN runs a retrospective of the amount of times Bush has looked like an ass in the newsmedia.

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