Thursday, February 01, 2007

After the powerful odor of sea (pond) bird floated down the halls of a random apartment building in Stockholm and then up into the nostrils of some neighbours who initiated some investigation, it was discovered that a woman had 11 swans in her apartment.

She claims she took them back to her apartment to mend their wounds and to nurse them back to health but clearly she was both rehearsing for a realist, animal based production of Swan Lake AND she was also forming an army of the night.

A Swan-heavy army of the night.

And for that the dear woman faces token fines. Who are we, as a society*, if we punish the elderly for simply wanting to form a small/medium sized bird army in their own apartments?

*All issues aside - the truth of the matter here is, it's really just funny to read the phrase "eleven swans in an apartment". It reads like a stage direction from the Goon Show.

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