Monday, February 19, 2007

What's really great about beauty contests is that they provide us with the enchanting and validating opportunity to see some freaked out, obsessive ex-showbiz kid thrash the humanity out of themselves. And if we're lucky, they'll do it long enough to actually win one.

Sadly, the winner of the Miss Cantabria Contest in Madrid, Spain proved too human and feminine to be a washed out sex object for sexually repressed middle aged Christian men when it was discovered she has a kid and so she was canned.

And if Aaron Spelling has taught us nothing else - which is not fair because he taught us about heaps of shit like love, why it's ok to be gay but not to kiss anyone on camera you know, useful shit, but for this post let's just focus on ONE thing he taught us - it's that there's nothing more repulsive, it seems, than a woman who really has had sex and whose body shows it. You're allowed to be synthetically sexual and similar to everyone else but you're not allowed to win if you have a kid. That makes you unclean, unvirginal and distastefully complicated.

Because, if you're the kind of man who salivates over the washed out, bland, streamlined brand of sexuality found in a beauty pageant, the chances are you're the kind of man who gets married because he misses his mother. And if there's already a kid in the equation it means you'd have to share her breasts and no entitlement laden man wants to share.

Do they?

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