Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sitting at home in Malaysia with no idea of what you should do with your life? Why not go back to school? In fact, Malaysia actually DEFINITELY has the course for you no matter WHO you are! Why not go back to school, college if you will - and study the kind of thing that will really help you get ahead in life.

Study toilet culture. No, not some kind of crass, progressive queer studies coverage of the chronology of cottaging in England - not that at all. Just toilets. You can now do a college course in how to maintain a toilet.

It's interesting that Malaysia has proven itself quite clearly over the past few months to be a more or less sexist, offensive and backward country but in trying to save face on the international stage, they've really focused on high quality toilets to make up for repetitive human rights abuses such as this and this.

Because, when in doubt, toilets are the best strategy at the end of the day. Just look to the future.

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