Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Women and human shit appear to retain the same social status in Malaysia and they're both being hidden away and dealt with as efficiently and attractively as possible.

It all started with the push for women to be completely covered up by the town of Kota Baru - a conservative Muslim town in Malaysia. Then, it was revealed that Malaysia is introducing parades of Vietnamese mail-order brides in Malaysia so that potential investors don't have to go to far to see what they're buying. Now, in another part of what apparently forms the push to clean away all evidence of humanity in Malaysia, the Malaysian government has just introduced self cleaning toilets as a way to promote tourism.

Because if the prospect of buying yourself a Vietnamese wife from a cafe or having to make sure you don't show an inch of skin in the always friendly conservative town of Kota Baru aren't enough to attract you to Malaysia in the first place then the chance to use a public toilet that cleans itself most certainly will be. It's all about a central goal of cleanliness and human experience without mess.

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