Friday, December 15, 2006

Good old insane Republican Senators are always a reliable source of solid, totally disconnected yet media worthy hysteria laced ideas on how to solve "social problems".

Why, without Republican Senators we wouldn't have such gems as extravagantly ineffective guilt laced abstinence being thrust upon high school students, the conclusion that gay marriage would lead to a national outbreak of people marrying their pets, and the notion that creationism is science.

But it's been at least several minutes since an entitlement saturated Republican piped up with another inane idea designed to stir passion in the hearts of alienated and bored suburbanites so thank goodness for Senator Bob Beers of Nevada.

Beers recently let it be known that he's currently working on a bill that would allow teachers to be armed with guns to protect themselves in the classroom. While he cited no real study or survey that would suggest his idea was even in the collective consciousness let alone a popular one he did say he "would expect enough teachers would be interested" in participating in his new disciplinary tactic.

It goes without say that more or less the entire universe is against Beers on this one.

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