Monday, December 18, 2006

It's always great when collectives of people band together, well and truly lose track of a rational set of ideals and bicker needlessly. Therefore, anyone not immediately connect to the collection of animal rights organisations and religious people in India who have been protesting and just succeeded in making sure 18 dogs not be allowed to get married should be comfortably amused. The wedding of the 18 dogs was called off because it was decided after careful consideration that a marriage ceremony would be cruel.

Best quote ever:

"In my opinion, marriage of dogs is cruelty on animals," the newspaper quoted the PFA's chairman Naresh Kadyan as saying.

"People hold the front legs of the dogs against their will and force them to dance, which is cruel. The lights, noise, sound used in these kinds of events also hurt them."

Isn't leprosy still an issue in India?

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