Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Like some kind of hilarious sitcom happening in real life, two elderly women; Ruzica Markovic and Ljubica Paunovic, in the no doubt quaint and always pleasant rural Serbian town of Grade (a name that is only one letter away from "Grate") live with no running water, television, electricity or access to radio at all. In fact, they're more or less the only people who live in the town.

What would you do when you're an elderly woman and you have no modern resources and only one other person to talk to? You'd do exactly what Ruzica and Ljubica are currently doing. Don't move out and seek a more comfortable life - just pick on each other's cows and fixate on fierce bickering and don't ever speak except through the local newspapers.

The only thing stopping this scenario from being a brilliant half hour sitcom on the BBC starring an elderly Penelope Keith is a talking homosexual cat.

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