Monday, December 18, 2006

One week out from Christmas Day the English are apparently fat and complain too much and seem to be really focused on winning the competition for "Most Unpleasant European Nation Within Which to Celebrate Christmas", but the Japanese are following suit with other nations in Asia in providing an outlet for people who have more money than God but little brain capacity.

To completely trump the hotel in Jakarta that is selling the $110 hamburger, a department store in Osaka is selling a cake that costs $848,000 because it is covered with 100 diamonds. Seems like a fairly complicated way to buy 100 diamonds but that's what some people need as an incentive, apparently. Cake.

It's also great that while multitudes of people are extraordinarily poor and hungry the Osaka department store figured that money should be concentrated into a cake that the buyer probably won't even eat because they don't eat carbs.

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