Wednesday, December 06, 2006

So basically, Kevin Pugh, 20, walked into the West Point Hotel in Mississippi, threw a pig at the hotel clerk and was fined $279

There are so many potential explanations for this odd behaviour, it's hard to know where to begin. Maybe they had had a fight and because of his emotionally stunted hyper-masculine southern upbringing he was unable to communicate with the pig in a more effective manner. Perhaps the pig and he were married and they were experiencing marriage conflicts. That seems unlikely seeing as there were three other incidences of animal throwing reported; one involving a pig and the other two involving possums. Unless young Pugh was a bestial polygamist.

While we can never really know what was going on there specifically, we can ascertain that this is obviously some form of symbolic gesture culturally relelvant to the South. Perhaps it is the beginning stages of diplomatic negotiations in the South. Perhaps it's some kind of animal based diplomatic symbolism.

Yes, that'll do.

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