Monday, December 04, 2006

Celebrity Madness

Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl's publicity fueled relationship ends. What on earth will Reichen do now? Besides the odd small town pride parade grand marshalling that is. And to think, just 8 months ago Sharon Osbourne was toeing the line and pushing the hetero agenda on her maddeningly self indulgent WB publicity vehicle program (best part is the scene where she's even trying sell off her own daughter to him while he's in the shower. It's like the no spin zone...)Things change so fast...

Madonna and Guy Ritchie seek marriage counselling.

Lucky he's not a fat black poor nobody because Pete Doherty, after being found with crack cocaine and heroin, only gets fined 1500 bucks and can't drive for 4 months.

Jessica Simpson ruins a version of "9 to 5" and runs off stage, no applause given. She even apologises to Dolly Parton for screwing up. Even though people underestimate how difficult the rhythms are in that song, the damage here has already been done and she's lucky it's not Christmas.

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