Thursday, December 14, 2006

Two Florida residents lived for two and half years with a hive in their roof that grew ever larger as the days went by. At the end of two and a half years, they finally called a pest controller who removed 3 million bees from their roof along with 60 pounds of honey.

60 pounds of what is actually probably quite rare ceiling honey.

Best quote in the reporting of this story, and possibly the best quote in any written story:

"So we're trying to, like, get rid of most of them, but without professional help we can't. So now we almost … They're biting me!'" Molina screamed, running from the home during an interview with reporters.

The thing about this story that really stands out immediately is firstly, bees don't bite - they sting. They are STINGING you, Molina. STINGING.

Also, how exactly did they get the 3 million figure?

So many inaccuracies. TOO many really but that doesn't stop it from being something to write about.

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