Monday, December 11, 2006


The Race to Become Most Unpleasant European Nation in which to Celebrate Christmas 2006

With one simple gesture, the UK has well and truly charged to the lead of the race this Christmas. A teacher in Boldmere Junior School in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands traumatised some of the less cynical of her students by telling them flat out (no doubt while lighting a cigar and pouring a glass of whiskey) that Santa doesn't exist.

Traumatised children went home and told their parents who promptly complained but here is the quote that really solidifed England's leading position.

According to the Sun, mum Amanda Piovesana, 30, said: "It's taken away the magic."

Exactly. It's taken away the magic.
And that's what the competition is really all about when you're attempting to be the most unpleasant European nation in which to spend Christmas 2006. It's about destroying Christmas magic.

But the teacher at Boldmere Junior School didn't just ruin innocent enchantment with Santa. No, she also explained away fairies and elves too. So, it was a triple whammy.

The only thing that takes away from this situation being a supreme victory is the fact that the teacher was fired. Firing the teacher negatively reinforces a move that could, if repeated en masse win England the title this year.
Which nation will win the apparently coveted title of "Most Unpleasant European Nation in which to Celebrate Christmas 2006"?

With England now blatantly attacking it's own youth it seems many of the other nations, nations who had shown strong presence over the last week, may have to work a lot harder to take this away from England.

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