Monday, December 04, 2006

The amazing part of the "Garbage used in Chinese lard" story isn't just the horror associated with thinking about what it would be like to unwittingly eat french fries in China that were cooked in lard that may or may not have been peppered with human shit and pesticides.

No, it's not that as much as it is the conviction with which the manufacturer persisted at delivering the lard to his customers despite rulings made to shut him down.

First and foremost, for the Chinese government to be acting with the health of its people in mind, the standard of health has to be pretty low and the product in question has to be really inflicting some serious terror. Recently there was the enchanting Magic Freckle Removing Gel which was killing fish and seriously burning humans which was actually being advertised on television before it was pulled from shelves.

Now, a manufacturer who was using oil mixed with all sorts of industrial filth, including sewage, to produce lard was selling it at half the cost of lard made by anyone else. He was recently shut down by the Chinese Government after an anonymous tipster told on him.

But, a shut down order wasn't enough to get in the way of this visionary's dream. He just kept going at night, under the safe cover of darkness. Because, even though the Chinese government had ascertained that his lard was highly toxic and was killing people, he knew there was something worthwhile and good about feeding people industrial waste and toxic chemicals.

He just had to get that feces marinated grease out to the customers. After all, he was only giving them what they wanted and nothing in his mind told him otherwise.

What could possibly be wrong with that?

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