Friday, December 01, 2006


The Race to Become Most Unpleasant European Nation in which to Celebrate Christmas 2006

In what appears to be the next step in Germany's competition with England to really get to the bottom of Christmas based enjoyment and wreck it...for the children, the general public in Berlin has taken a leaf out of Rosie O'Donnell's trigger happy approach to sensitive social issues and have called for the banning of a toy Santa display that appeared (if you were already totally obsessed with it and were desperate to find something to complain about) to have Santa giving the Nazi salute, which is banned.

Best (well, only really)quote:

"We were astonished by the reaction," Lange said. "It looks like he's just pointing up to the sky and we were surprised that anyone saw the so-called 'Hitler salute' in that. But we responded and had the entire inventory removed and destroyed."

Since when did the Germans rival highly strung New Yorkers and attention starved middle American soccer moms on a moral crusade?

Oh. That's right. Since the unpleasantness. Alright, kill Santa. If it makes the kids feel safer...

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