Friday, December 08, 2006


The Race to Become Most Unpleasant European Nation in which to Celebrate Christmas 2006

While there's little doubt the English have pioneered an impressively unpleasant and sad agenda this Christmas on a grass roots level by outlawing celebratory ornaments in offices, until now it hasn't really expanded to a macro political level. If England is hoping for the title of Most Unpleasant European Nation in which to Celebrate Christmas 2006 (even though technically, it's not a European nation) it will need to up the ante and get the disappointment flowing if it hopes to compete against the consistently repellent Germany.

Home Secretary John Reid is at breaking point about it and has come out saying he's "sick and tired" of hearing about how people are banning Christmas decorations and a lack of common sense.

And what he's saying is more or less true but a lack of common sense is exactly the kind of thing that will secure England AS the most unpleasant place in which to spend Christmas so, obviously there's internal struggle with the English about which way they're heading this Holiday season.

Still, if the results from a recent survey which suggests that 3 out of 4 offices have banned Christmas decorations are to be beleived, then a truly bland and unnecessarily controlled Christmas is in order for the English. One that should have competing nations Germany, Austria and Sweden really examining their approaches and considering their next move carefully.

Which nation will win the apparently coveted title of "Most Unpleasant European Nation in which to Celebrate Christmas 2006"?

With England upping the stakes to a level involving elected officials it seems the competition is more compelling than ever before.

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