Monday, December 18, 2006

Celebrity Madness

Little Britain's Matt Lucas gets married to his partner Kevin McGee over the weekend dressed in period attire.

Lindsay Lohan is taking pole dancing lessons and it's unexpectedly hard work. So hard in fact, she feels compelled to e mail everyone she knows a crazy message explaining how difficult it is for the cunts who strip. She's planning to get focused really soon.

Judith Reagan is fired but not because she's responsible for the recently canned "Ïf I Did It" OJ confession; one of the WORST TV and book ideas in the history of media. According to the New York Times it was because she's anti-Semitic.

It's no secret that it's fun to kick while Britney's down because she goes up and down a lot so you have to get in when she's at the right height. She's not just a bad parent, this time she's also a bad dog owner. When will someone tell the truth about her being a bad cook and a bad daughter? We want all encompassing delapidation.

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