Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The Race to Become Most Unpleasant European Nation in which to Celebrate Christmas 2006

In a development involving the English schoolteacher recently fired for killing her student..........'s sense of innocence by telling them Santa Claus doesn't exist - the actual details come out and it's SO much more mindlessly cruel than previously considered.

Apparently the kids were asked to go and work for the Royal Mail writing letters to other children their own age, explaining why Christmas requests to Santa had been rejected.

It's more or less a Christmas themed battery hen assembly line but instead of cheap wallets and designer underwear, these children are churning out the pure embodiment of sadness and dashed innocent hope. What a shame the teacher never thought that might not be enchanting for the kids. Oh well, too late now.

Best quote ever:

Jackie Jackson, headteacher of Ladysmith junior school in Exeter, said: "The choice of this worksheet was a genuine mistake by a teacher which we are sad about."

Sadly, the sociopathic rabbit killing English teenagers of tomorrow have already hatched...

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