Friday, December 08, 2006

After being "accidentally"shot up the nose by her brother, Sue Allaker of East Yorkshire did what anyone else who didn't die or suffer incomprehensible neurological damage would do; she more or less got on with her life.
Imagine her surprise when, one can only imagine, she'd put all that horror behind her and, it's safe to assume, she finally found herself able to breathe normally when in the same room as her brother not to mention probably being able to finally sleep at night for fear of explosions...explosions in her face...unrelenting pain and burning that just wouldn't go away as she lay there vulnerable and attacked, beasts attacking her face and wars, the wars of a thousand years happening in front of her bound naked body...she coughed and 21 years later, a pellet popped out of her mouth.

The pellet had remained lodged in her body until now. Reports say she went to the kitchen to see what was in her mouth without seeming rude in front of the family and that's when she discovered it.

While her inner peace may have partially died when she was shot in the face by her brother at least, it seems, Sue Allaker's manners had not.

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