Thursday, December 07, 2006

Celebrity Madness

Mary Cheney is pregnant which means her kid will grow up a bastard in the eyes of its grandfather entirely because of its grandfather.

After flaunting her vagina all over internet and hanging out with Paris Hilton, Britney addresses the issue lightheartedly on her website. However, the proverbial eyebrows of the Child Protection Agencies are raising again and they're calling for an investigation into who exactly is looking after Britney Spears' kids. Bette Midler chimes in on the vag flashing, child neglecting bandwagon too, saying Brit, Linds and Par should be "nicer". Even Courtney Love offers up a comparison between herself and Britney, saying that she's a better mother than Britney. Kevin Ferderline cleans up his act in public and looks super hot - my how the tables have turned.

Courtney Love also lets slip that Prince Andrew turned up at her house at 1am apparently looking for random women to have sex with. At least that's what was inferred. Genius use of solid celebrity no one has thought about in ages.

Lindsay Lohan exerts another conscious effort to make sure the universe remembers she's unstable.

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