Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Anyone reviewing a list of the most recent fines introduced by the Turkish government, and lets face it, who isn't doing that THESE days at least during time off, will have noticed a rather odd fine that's popped up which specifically targets people who tend to slaughter animals outside specialised facilities.

Wonder what prompted that? Are there many people slaughtering animals outside specialised facilities? What is a specialised facility?

Well, while it would take a little bit of scouting around to find out the answer to the last question there and therefore it's not going to be answered here, the first question can be answered pretty simply:

Rather than go out for a drink or perhaps go out to eat a celebratory meal without alcohol if you're dealing with people who don't drink - some airline employees decided to mark their happiness at work by sacrificing a camel on the tarmac.

They got that camel and slaughtered it in an offering to their bloodthirsty God in thanks for a recent lessening in their work load. They were fired.

Best quote ever:

The sacrificing of a camel at Turkey's busiest airport was regarded as a disgrace.

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