Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Who knows what was going through ringmaster Daniel Renz's mind when he decided to go on with the show. Maybe it was the harrowing fear of his mother and father's often violent disapproval from when he was a child and didn't feel like getting out there and performing on the kid gimmick theatre circuit in small town USA.

Maybe it was the belief if he just got through the next 6 months of shows he would be able to save up enough to get out for good.

Maybe it was the fact that he felt alone. Truly alone and incapable of human connection because of his distant and cruel parents so that the only love in his life was the sound of applause. An applause that sent the crippling pain of alienation away for just those few moments. The moments when children looked to him excitedly and clapped their innocent little hands for him. Because of him.

Regardless of what really went through his head -and let's face it, unless we ask him we'll never know - when the crocodile bit off his thumbs during that reptile show at the 'Renz Universal Circus' in Le Mans, France, in front of the cheering innocent children, Daniel Renz instinctively continued the show to the very end. Sure he bled profusely and with every passing second lessened the likelihood that he would ever be able to reattach them, but, just like Daddy always said, there was no excuse for failure.

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