Monday, December 11, 2006

Tired of your daily data entry clerk grind? Sick of working in that part of the city you'd never go to if you didn't work there? Looking to try and secure a position in a more creative work environment with scope to move up to a more fulfilling managerial position?

Why not simply apply to run Nigeria? The African nation.

Nigeria is currently looking for someone to lead its People's Democratic Party and they've come up with a basic personality breakdown description that is about as clear and practical as you'd really hope for in such a personnel search.

Patriotism, 10 percent. Integrity, 15 percent. Ethnic neutrality, 10 percent. Knowledge of rule of law, 10 percent. Tolerance, 5 percent. Transparency, 10 percent. Knowledge of development in Nigeria, 10 percent. Leadership qualities, 15 percent.

While they don't specify the remaining 15% applicants would be wise to emphasise "attention to detail" , "multi-tasking" or "advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office".

Elections aren't until next April but you'd want to get in now just to show how keen you are to work with for Nigeria. With a year of ruling Nigeria on your resume, a (middle management) editorial job at Conde Nast isn't out of the question at all.

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