Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh GEE, quick, grab the motherfucking kleenex - everyone - it's not just a fashion editors, designers, publicists, hangers-on and the nation of Spain rushing in with sincere and heartfelt concern to the aid of poor dear, newly emaciated teenaged girls who get paid billions to act as walking coat hangers - it's restauranteurs as well.

Bumpkin restaurant in the UK is boasting a new promotion for chronically thin, size zero girls which offers them free food if they show their model card with proof of weight details and what a genius marketing ploy it is. First up, they get press like this. Secondly, what anorexia addled stick is going to suddenly abandon their religion like obsession with not eating just because a free meal is offered to them - isn't that the last thing they'd do.

Like, ever?

Is it really that different to saying, "Here you go my poor, homeless Jewish street urchin...have some pork cooked in milk..."

Thirdly, aren't models more or less granted a whole lot of free crap anyway, food included? Should they choose to actually ingest nutrients, they were probably already eating for free in most events and shows anyway because as models are thin and vacant looking, they'll get free shit no matter where they go because thin, vacant women are always in vogue especially with primate-esque doormen and venue owners.

Also, let's say the model goes into the restaurant and takes them up on the "bacon, leek and chicken" dish recommended to them - well, then they'll just cash in on the fact that they have models in the room and they'll add the model names to the next press release.

Why, it's almost like Bumpkin restaurant is getting as much out of the "Help the thin models" bandwagon as the Fashion industry.

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