Friday, February 02, 2007

Rich twits in London are suddenly discovering what slightly deranged bestial farmhands have known for years - that protein rich bull semen is the perfect solution to dry, brittle and lifeless hair.

SO - what you now have is people paying 55 pounds to have the jizz of an Angus Bull massaged into their scalp for 45 minutes and the result is apparently wonderfully soft and thick locks.

It's such a shame that Aberdeen Bulls aren't more business savvy because they could really start to market the entire process of semen extraction and more or less lie around getting off on rich people's heads all day at 55 pounds a load. The value and uniqueness would be based around the fact that the protein treatment has been kept at body temperature (inside a body) until needed and it is entirely sterile plus, it is probably rich in male energy which...of a powerful ....anti-oxidant...anti-crippling loneliness treatment.

I can't beleive I even wrote about this. Oh, wait. Who am I kidding? Yes, I can.

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