Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just when Anna Nicole Smith dies and you think culture is so unbeleivably chaotic and terrifying and unpredictable that you can't stand it anymore, a good solid dose of arbitrary sexual panic comes along and provides some obvious news you can really set your watch to.

The good people at just bought an entire building (that once used to house the National Guard ) in San Francisco so that they could make porn in unique environments like the building's basement because it has that dark and horrifying feel - the very same that people into S and M seem to enjoy.

So, with the precision of a stage manager: cue the torch wielding townsfolk on a crusade to protect the children. And, maybe, over compensate by deflecting attention away from their own festishes - let's not specifically state that as fact but it's safe to assert it as a possibility.

Ok, so that's your standard setup. Sex industry professionals with money do things by the book and local townsfolk freak out.

"While not wanting to be prudish, the fact will be located in the proximity to a number of schools gives us pause," said Mayor Gavin Newsom.

What did not give him pause was the choice of whether or not to fuck his Campagin Manager's wife - which he did.

See, it's almost like everything's back to normal.

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