Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The fact that Michael Brechter, a teacher in an Austrian primary school, is looking at unemployment for teaching kids about the words “arse”, “shit”, “moron” and “tart” could only be the result of an unfortunate ratio of shrill, twit middle class parents. Never mind the fact that most of these words are used by Shakespeare and the kids would sooner or later be writing homework about them anyway – no, buttons were pressed and ordinarily culturally comatose housewives were awakened. And when that happens, irrational thought is abandoned and someone has to get fired.

Sadly, it seems, Mr. Brechter was quoted as saying:

"It was an attempt to make school lively and fun. My ultimate aim was to show what words should not be used."

No no no. You were doing so well. No teacher who would make the decision to teach kids to think and talk about words we consider offensive would be aiming to tell them they shouldn’t be used. It seems unlikely that a nation that could invent strudel and that is so close to the necrophile, feces obsessed Germans would get so uptight about a word like “arse”. Isn’t “arse” more or less a German muse?

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