Wednesday, February 28, 2007

For the longest time it seemed like little baby Dannielyn, Anna Nicole Smith's orphan, would be all alone in the world when it came to meeting other kids like her.

How many kids would she possibly be able to meet up with that could also say, "Oh, your mother and brother died shortly after your birth and then you inherited tens of millions of dollars for what - as far as you're concerned - appears to be completely no reason? Well, we can be best friends forever! I totally know what that's like because..."

Until now.

Thanks goodness for infantile idiot men living in Romania like the father of a little girl who was recently registered under the name SLK after the class of Mercedes he liked.

Thanks to him, another little girl will grow up in the world scarred hideously by circumstances way beyond her control too. Let's just hope Dannielyn and little SLK find each other and start a lesbian art community in the Venezuelan jungle.

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